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Families may opt in to use our cashless payment system, My School Bucks, for snacks and athletic fees, field trip fees, laptop fees and class fees. Please note: MySchoolBucks will no longer be used to pay for lunch.

Please click on the link below to set up your student(s) account. Instructions are provided for sign up on the website. 

Payment options for Stores have been expanded to include OnePay, an e-check program, in which no fees are added for payments regardless of the number of transactions/payments you make or the dollar amount. Memberships are available for a period of 12 months- Individual Student Plan: $12.95,  Family Plan: $26.95.  

To determine whether a OnePay membership is more cost effective for you, consider how many times you will make a payment using the service during the year. If you have multiple children or are making payments frequently, then a OnePay membership might be more cost effective. You will still have the option to make lunch deposits with the $2.49 convenience fee for each transaction and credit cards can also be utilized for lunch deposits or Stores (fees) payments. 

We believe you will really enjoy the convenience and affordability of these new payment features! 

Deposits can be made with a e-check or a credit card. You will be able to select reoccurring deposits and low balance notifications when setting up your cashless account. 

Please note that at this time, cashless account charges may be used for school day snacks and fees only. Concession stand cashless purchases are NOT available at this time. 

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