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Prayer Warriors Connecting Our Hearts

Our Prayer Warriors ministry was created several years ago by Liz Gregorius and Ann Karst, both parents of MCPS alumni. Over the years their ministry has brightened our morning “in” boxes and has become a witness to the power of prayer.  We are more acutely aware of God’s miracles in healing some illnesses and trauma, and His grace when the struggles continue. In every petition we are reminded that God’s love endures. We are so thankful to Liz and Ann for beginning this ministry for our school and are excited to spread this ministry to the next generation of Prayer Warriors.

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The History of Our Warriors

“Several years ago I was looking for a unique way to “help” my child’s school.  I wanted something that did not involve a huge outlay of cash because I did not have much extra to spare at the time.  One day after dropping him off at St. Bede, it hit me like the proverbial ton of bricks – start a weekly Rosary group with other moms to offer prayer for Montgomery Catholic. As I asked around everyone seemed genuinely excited at the prospect, but we could never find a time that worked for us all.  I knew the effort was needed, but was lost in how to accomplish the idea. I was telling my good friend Ann Karst one morning how things were not working out for this endeavor, however I felt the Lord wanted us to proceed.  Ann suggested that we pray via e-mail and open it up to the entire parent population of Montgomery Catholic.  Wow!  Of course, I knew there was no way that I could handle this alone,  so she agreed to partner with me and Prayer Warriors was born.

It has been and continues to be successful beyond our wildest dreams.  The Lord has truly blessed our efforts because what started as a tiny spark from the Holy Spirit has turned into a wild fire. Ann and I are blessed by this ministry on a daily basis.  

Remember that prayer is the best gift that you can ever give!”

– Liz Gregorius 

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