Tuition and Fees

The following table summarizes the tuition rates for the 2022-2023 school year. Tuition rates are approved annually by the MCPS Advisory Committee, considering input from the MCPS administration. In addition to tuition, the following fees should also be considered:

  • Registration fee: New student rate is $200 per student. Current student rates are as follows: $200 per student if paid before March 1st, $250 March 1st – April 30th and $300 May 1st and after. All registration fees must be turned in with a signed contract, ACH debit form, and signed parish voucher (if Rate I) to reserve a place for the next school year.
  • Capital Assessment Fee per family: $650; due June 15th, billed to each family separately from tuition.
  • Athletic Fee (grades 7-12): $100 per athlete per school year. Billed by the business office upon team selection.
  • Books: For grades 7 – 12, new and used books are purchased through the online school book store. For grades K3 – 6, books and workbooks are provided by the school.
  • Uniforms: Uniforms are purchased through Southern School Uniforms.
  • Lunches: Families purchase lunches on
  • Foreign Exchange Student Fee: A $250 foreign student fee is due upon registration (this is separate from the SEVIS fee).
  • Potential Participation Fees: Fees may be applicable in activities such as, but not limited to, Band (grades 5-12), Art (grades 9-12), Athletics (see above), AP Testing, and ACT Prep.


K3/4 Half Day

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$4,800$4,800
Semi Annual Payments$2,400$2,400
Quarterly Payments$1,200$1,200
Monthly Payments (11)$436$436

K3/4 Full Day

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$6,572$6,572
Semi Annual Payments$3,365$3,365
Quarterly Payments$1,699$1,699
Monthly Payments (11)$626$626

K5 Full Day Only

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$6,572$7,834
Semi Annual Payments$3,365$4,012
Quarterly Payments$1,699$2,025
Monthly Payments (11)$626$747

Elementary 1-6

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$6,924$8,218
Semi Annual Payments$3,546$4,209
Quarterly Payments$1,790$2,124
Monthly Payments (11)$660$783

Middle School 7-8

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$7,998$8,976
Semi Annual Payments$4,096$4,598
Quarterly Payments$2,067$2,321
Monthly Payments (11)$762$856

High School 9-12

Rate I*Rate II
Lump Sum$9,424$10,387
Semi Annual Payments$4,831$5,324
Quarterly Payments$2,440$2,690
Monthly Payments (11)$906$997

Rate 1 Tuition Eligibility: For Catholic families to receive Rate I tuition, the family must indicate the parish in which they are a registered member. Some parishes in the River Region area assist in subsidizing our school.

  • Holy Spirit Parish
  • St. Bede the Venerable Parish
  • St. Peter Parish
  • Holy Family Parish (MAFB)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish(Wetumpka)
  • St. Vincent de Paul Parish (Tallassee)
  • St. Joseph’s Parish (Prattville)

Multi-Child Discount: 2nd child $1000 discount, 3rd child $1500 discount. For families with more than 3 students, a tuition cap may be applicable.  Please contact the business office to discuss the tuition cap.

Payment Plan:  Families electing to pay semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly tuition payments must do so through automatic withdrawal of their checking or savings account.  All families using this payment method (returning and new) must complete and return the Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Debits Form. If you do not wish to supply this information then your payment selection is Lump Sum and your payment is due in full on July 15.

Semi-Annual – Drafted July 15th and January 15th

Quarterly – Drafted July, October, January, and April 15th

Monthly – Drafted 11 months: July 15th through May 15th

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