Tuition and Fees

The following summarizes tuition and fee information for the 2024-2025 school year. Tuition rates and fees are approved annually by the MCPS Financial Committee and the MCPS Advisory Committee. Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, MCPS will be utilizing an online contract and billing management software through Finalsite.

StandardStandardRegistered Catholic ParishionerRegistered Catholic Parishioner
Tuition RatesLump Sum12 Monthly PaymentsLump Sum12 Monthly Payments
K 3/4 Half Day$5,400$477$5,400$477
K 3/4 Full Day$7,400$654$7,400$654
Elementary 1-6$9,250$817$7,800$689
Middle School 7-8$10,100$892$9,000$795
High School 9-12$11,700$1,034$10,600$936

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $250 per student is due upon completion of the tuition contract, and is non-refundable. A signed contract and paid registration fee is required to reserve a spot on the class roster.  

Capital Assessment Fee 

A Capital Assessment fee of $750 per family is payable to the school based on the payment plan selected by the family (either lump sum due in July or monthly beginning in June).  The Capital Assessment fee provides funding for payments of debt service and capital projects managed through the MCPS building fund.

Payment Plans
MCPS offers either a “Lump Sum” or a “Monthly payment plan”.  The Lump Sum amount is payable on July 15th.  The monthly payment plan provides for twelve (12) monthly payments from June 15 to May 15.  The monthly payment plan includes a “payment plan fee” which will be fully-disclosed in the student contract and family billing management ledger.

2024-25 Tuition Rates and Fees include:

  • All school supplies for grades K3-6
  • Consumable books for grades K3-8
  • Most Textbooks for grades 7-12
  • Field trips (day trips only) for grades K3-12
  • Student admission to all regular season home sporting events for grades K3-12 
  • Technology fees for grades K3-12
  • Yearbook for all grades K3-12

Potential Fees may include (but are not limited to):

  • Uniforms – Uniforms may be purchased through Southern School Uniforms (local vendor). Prices vary. 
  • Lunches – Students may bring their own lunch from home or purchase lunch online at
  • Participation fees – Fees may be applicable in activities such as Band (grades 5-12), athletic team spirit packs, AP testing, and ACT preparation.
  • Foreign exchange student fee:  A $300 foreign student fee is due upon registration (this is separate from the SEVIS fee).

Registered Catholic Parishioner Eligibility

For families to qualify for the registered parishioner tuition rates, the family must be a registered, tithing parishioner and indicate the parish below in which they are a registered member.  Parish pastors will verify active parishioner status before the discounted rate will be applied to tuition. Some parishes in the River Region area assist in subsidizing our school.

  • Holy Spirit Parish
  • St. Bede the Venerable Parish
  • St. Peter Parish
  • Holy Family Parish (MAFB)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (Wetumpka)
  • Our Lady Queen of Mercy Parish
  • St. Vincent de Paul Parish (Tallassee)
  • St. Joseph’s Parish (Prattville)
  • City of St. Jude Parish

Multi-child discount 
2nd child = $1,000 discount
3rd child = $1,500 discount

For families with 4 or more students, a tuition cap may be applicable. Please contact the MCPS Business Office to discuss eligibility.

Finalsite Contract and Billing System

Finalsite is our NEW online contract and billing system. Families have access to monthly statements, customized payment schedules, and an online contract. Finalsite collects tuition payments with ease, uses automated reminders, and creates customized payment schedules for families. Online tuition contracts are generated within the system, and families will be notified to login and digitally sign the contract. The billing dashboard within the Finalsite will offer a transparent breakdown of tuition, fees and billable items. 

Financial Aid

We offer a myriad of ways for families to afford MCPS, and encourage you to explore each of them to determine what works best for your family. Financial aid is based strictly upon demonstrated financial need and is available for families with students in Kindergarten (K5) – 12th grade only. Families may apply for financial aid once their child has applied and been accepted to Montgomery Catholic for the 2024-25 year. Please note that your taxes must be completed prior to applying for financial aid.

  • Multi-child discounts
  • Variable Tuition 
  • Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGO’s)
  • MCPS endowed scholarships (March 1 deadline)

Contact Jennifer Van Alst in the MCPS Business Office at, or call (334) 272-7220.

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