The Importance of Choosing a Private Christian School

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The educational environment your child receives influences so many factors in their young lives.

At Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School, we know the importance of choosing a private Christian school and the role it plays in your lives and the lives of your children. We have strived to build young people of faith, virtue, and wisdom for 150 years in a uniquely Catholic environment.

Watch the following video to hear from some of our parents and leaders how private Christian education impacts students.

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To build young people of faith, virtue, and wisdom, we seek excellence in the following areas on each of our campuses. Each area is a vital component that illustrates the importance and power of a private Christian school and how it can positively affect your child’s life.

A Private Christian School Provides Consistent Morals and Values

The morals and values presented to our youth in today’s world fluctuate wildly and do not often align with the Catholic principles on which our school was founded. Choosing a private Christian school for your child’s learning ensures that the morals and values they are modeled and taught are consistent and of the highest level. The world will do its best to tear them down and confuse them, but we can provide Godly teachers, Christ-centered leaders, and compassionate coaches who model excellence, encourage conservative morals and values, and hold each child accountable in a loving and Christ-like way.

A Private Christian School Develops Godly Character and Deepens Faith

In addition to consistent morals and values, a private Christian school helps to develop Godly character and deepen the faith of each student. It provides more than a moral compass, but seeks to challenge and grow their character based on God’s word, and strengthen their faith as they grow each and every day.  For both our Catholic students and those of other faiths, a foundation is established at Montgomery Catholic in Christ so that they are best prepared to enter the world around them.

quote from principal Gulley

A Private Christian School Provides a Positive Learning Environment

Many parents choose a private Christian school because of the positive learning environment it will give to their children. The formative years as a child can be stressful and difficult. When a child is placed in a Catholic school environment where they are encouraged, supported, and cared for, the best education can happen.

Adults spell the word “love” L-O-V-E, but children spell the word “love” as T-I-M-E. Each Montgomery Catholic campus seeks to spend the time needed with each student to know that they are loved, that they are capable, and that with the right tools and practice, they can succeed.

The Importance of Choosing a Private Christian School 1

A Private Christian School Provides Safety - Physically and Emotionally

We understand the intense need to protect our children and provide them with a safe physical and emotional environment. Private Christian schools excel in both of these areas, and especially so at Montgomery Catholic. Campus safety is paramount.

Many private Christian schools offer smaller classes that promote a connectedness that larger groups do not. This, along with the emphasis on faith, consistent morals and values, and a positive learning environment, creates an environment for the best emotional health possible for students. Knowing you are loved, seen, and cheered on by your teachers can change everything about a child’s outlook. 

In addition to the emotional support, we work to keep our campuses safe physically, too.  From entry protocols, door lock technology, camera systems, and more, the campuses at Montgomery Catholic take safety seriously.  In the unlikely event of a critical incident, all faculty and staff are also trained annually in the ALICE critical response protocol to be able to respond to any situation that may arise in the best interest of the students in the classroom. 

The Importance of Choosing a Private Christian School 2

Private Christian Schools Have Positive Peer Pressure and Like-Minded Families

Peer pressure can be both positive and negative. We all know the effects of negative peer pressure, positive peer pressure can be exemplified through sharing new experiences, offering moral support, encouraging healthy habits, and inspiring positive choices. When your child is surrounded by students whose families have similar morals and values, the likelihood of your child experiencing positive peer pressure greatly increases. 

Choosing a private Christian school for your child means that the majority of families enrolled are like-minded which means your child will have a greater chance of success through interactions with their peers and positive peer pressure. Learning with like-minded peers and doing life with like-minded families encourages great connectedness and friendships.  Our Catholic faith teaches us that parents are the primary educators of their children.  While your student is with us at Montgomery Catholic, you can be assured as a parent that we remain committed to fostering an attitude of excellence that parents wish for their children.

Private Schools Provide a College-Ready Education

Statistically, students who attend private schools perform better on standardized testing than students who attended public schools. At Montgomery Catholic, the top 20% of graduates score a 31 on the ACT and have a 4.21 GPA. Their curriculum includes up to 20 honors and Advanced Placement classes all of which are taught in person with a qualified faculty member. On average over 70% of our graduates are awarded academic or athletic scholarships for college. 

Specifically, the Class of 2022 attended 25 unique colleges across 12 states. They amassed over $22 million dollars in college scholarships. 

While standardized testing is a strong indicator of college readiness, it is not the only factor.  We have found that the combination of college prep academics and all of the wonderful factors listed above are what truly shape a child to become the best adult they can be!

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