Forty Six Montgomery Catholic Students Participate in YMCA Youth Judicial

Forty Six Montgomery Catholic Students Participate in YMCA Youth Judicial 1Forty-six high school students from Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School participated in the YMCA Youth Judicial Program held at the Montgomery County Courthouse November 10-12, 2007. The YMCA Youth Judicial Program allows high school students an opportunity to learn about law through preparation and presentation of a mock court case. Teams are self-determined with three youth lawyers and three youth witness on each side of the case, prosecution and defense. Student participants also serve as judges in each case.

Montgomery Catholic had six legal teams, three defense teams and three prosecution teams with Matt Copeland, a junior, serving as one of the judges during the weekend. Each team was coaches by a practicing attorney who volunteer with the students in order to prepare them for the event. Montgomery Catholic’s defense teams were coached by attorneys Ms. Virginia Lucci, Mr. Richard White, and Mr. Gary Parker. MCPS student defense teams were #1 Stephen Bodet, John Dugan, Nick Moussalli, Josh Soukup, Ian Sweet, Savannah Szabo, and Aaron Weber. Student defense team #2 was Robert Dubose, Ashley Johnson, Jasmine Maye, Lowell Moore, Briana Morgan, Kierra Rumph, and Cleo Smith. Student defense team # 3 was Austin Barranco, Brandon DuBois, Justin Hughes, David McPhillips, Butler Parker, and Thomas Visco.

The prosecution teams were lead by attorneys Mr. Rob Preston, Ms. Deborah Nickson, and Mr. Julian McPhillips. The MCPS student prosecution teams were team #1 D’Jara Britton, Christine Held, Jessica Heymann, John Ingram, Amalia Ortero-Ortiz, Marie Quillin, and Lizzie Terino. Prosecution team #2 was Nichole Nickson, Andria Ransdell, Summer Rogers, Alex Taylor, Justin Taylor, and Jamiyah Woodson. Prosecution team #3 was Roscoe Anderson, Alexandra Gilbert, Rebecca Hails, Wallace Harvey, AJ Mayhan, Brianna McClure, Caroline Starr, and Alex V. Taylor.

Awards were given at the close of the event and Roscoe Anderson, a junior, was named “Lawyer of the Year.”

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