Varsity Cheerleaders Earn Bid to NCA National Competition

Varsity Cheerleaders Earn Bid to NCA National Competition 1

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s Varsity Cheerleading Squad participated in the National Cheerleading Association’s Summer Camp held at Auburn University this summer. The NCA Camp attracted over 300 cheerleaders from the surrounding area to the event. Montgomery Catholic’s Varsity Cheerleaders earned numerous awards while at camp including a superior rating for chants, jumps, motions, & stunt cheer; a two time winner of the Herkie Team award given for the best home cheer; a constant winner of the Spirit Stick; named a Top Team Finalist; and earned a bid to participate in the NCA National Cheerleading Championships held in Dallas, Texas.

While at camp, the National Cheerleading Association nominates and selects individual cheerleaders as “All American Team Members” which is the most prestigious award in cheerleading today. Each nominee is selected based upon motion technique, jumps, tumbling, spirit & enthusiasm, voice projection, and overall crowd appeal. Montgomery Catholic had nine girls nominated as “All American.” They are Mary Barranco, Lauren Bodden, Rebecca Fields, Lindsay Taylor, Kristin Sutton, Laura Barranco, Rachael Walden, Andrea Ransdell, and Emily Younker.
Varsity Cheerleaders Earn Bid to NCA National Competition 2
Emily Younker and Kristin Sutton were named to the NCA “All American Team.” These two cheerleaders are eligible to participate and perform at various NCA special events throughout the year. Emily and Kristin are planning to perform during the Orange Bowl pre-game show in December.

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