Three Seniors Attend AUM’s Sonia Kovalevski Day

Three Seniors Attend AUM's Sonia Kovalevski Day 1Sonia Kovalevski is credited with being the first woman to earn a doctorate of mathematics (in 1874). She was also a writer and advocate of women’s rights, who helped change attitudes so universities would admit women. Sonia received private tutoring from the renowned mathematician Karl Weierstrass because women were not permitted to attend universities in Europe at that time. The University of Gottingen only awarded her a doctorate after her work was published.

AUM hosted Sonia Kovalevski Day on February 28, 2009. The event is a one-day conference open to junior-high and high-school females students who are intererted in mathmatics. The goal is to encourage more young women to consider careers in the mathematics and sciences.

Montgomery Catholic seniors Katie Niel, Lauren Gore, and Antonella Profio attended the event and had an enjoyable day. The day consisted of several seminar/workshops on mathematical topics—some involving areas of research by AUM faculty—and a discussion panel of women in math-intensive careers.
Pictured: Montgomery Catholic seniors Katie Neil, Lauren Gore, and Antonella Profio with Dr. Matthew Ragland, the event director.

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