Starrett Wins Spelling Bee for St. Bede Campus

Starrett Wins Spelling Bee for St. Bede Campus 1Mary Reagan Starrett, a sixth grade student at Montgomery Catholic’s St. Bede Campus, will be the elementary representative to the Montgomery County Spelling Bee in February. Montgomery Catholic held individual spelling bees in grades four through six to determine the classroom winners who then competed for the championship on January 13, 2010.

Individual classroom winners are Brian Anderson (5th), James Sadie (5th), Charles Deuter (5th), Ivy Bach (5th), Erika Ellington (6th), Courtney Wallace (6th), Lucien Griffin (4th), Ann Williams (4th), Katelyn Stark (4th), and Marcelo Villena (4th). After three rounds to determine the winner, the runner up is Maria Rossi (6th) and champion Mary Reagan Starrett. Pictured: Montgomery Catholic’s elementary Spelling Bee Champion Mary Reagan Starrett.

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