St. Bede Second Graders Make Rosaries for Hurricane Victims

St. Bede Second Graders Make Rosaries for Hurricane Victims 1

Second graders at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s St. Bede Campus answered a call by Father David Tokarz, pastor of St. Bede Church, to make rosaries for Catholics displaces by the recent hurricanes in Louisiana. Mrs. Ruth Glenboski, a second grade teacher at St. Bede, volunteered her class for the project, not knowing just how excited her students would be about making the rosaries. In the first session of the project, the class made 67 rosaries. The students enjoyed it so much that they invited Mrs. Tina Rutland’s second grade class over and taught them how to make the rosaries during Religion class. The project then extended to the third grade classes who joined them to tie a cross onto the end of each rosary.

Following the Friday school Mass, Father Tokarz blessed 183 rosaries which the students then placed in individual snack-sized bags, labeled, and prepared the rosaries to be shipped to those in need.

The experience sparked another idea. Mrs. Glenboski is preparing to teach a unit on Economics. She is planning to purchase additional supplies so that the children can once again make the product, package it, and then sell the items at the school’s upcoming Bohemian Art Fling Arts & Crafts Festival on October 15th. Together, the class will figure out the cost per unit, add a profit, and set a price. Following the sale, the class will count the money, pay back the class fund from which they borrowed the money for the supplies, give the church 10%, and determine their profit. The class will then use the profit to purchase needed playground balls and toys for the class to use.
St. Bede Second Graders Make Rosaries for Hurricane Victims 2
Pictured: Mrs. Ruth Glenboski’s Second Grade Class at St. Bede with the rosaries they made for hurricane victims.

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