St. Bede Collecting Soup Labels, Box Tops & Green Reciepts

Montgomery Catholic’s St. Bede Campus is collecting Campbell Soup Labels, Box Tops for Education, and Bruno’s Green Receipts.

Bruno’s Supermarets are offering 100 bonus points on Campbell soup labels until 9/07/08. If you purchase 10 Campbell’s participating products, you get a coupon worth 100 labels. Participating products include Red & White condensed soup, Pace salsa, Swanson canned poultry, Campbell’s tomato juice, Campbell’s Harvest Fruit cans, Spaghettios, Campbell’s chili, Campbell’s baked beans, Prego, Campbell’s gravy, ready to serve Campbell’s soup (does not include Chunky Healthy Request) and Campbell’s Super Bakes. Save your Bruno’s Supermarket green receipts and give them to Mrs. Foran at St. Bede!

There are hundreds of products and food items you use everyday that participate in the Box Tops for Education program. For a full listing, go to

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