Sister Martha stops by the IPS Classes

Sister Martha stops by the IPS Classes 1 Sister Martha Belke stopped by for a visit with Coach Matt Cazalet’s (class of 1994) IPS classes while on her annual trip to Montgomery. The students were all very honored to meet the person for which the Science building is named. Sister was glad to spend the afternoon with the students, many of whose parents were once students in her IPS classes. Of the experience, Matt Cazalet said, “At the beginning of the school year, I was apprehensive about teaching IPS because Sister Martha is IPS. She is a CHS legend and a contributor in the textbook that we use. For Sister to sit in on my class was like having Einstein sit in on your Physics lab. I was incredibly nervous because those are big shoes to fill. But, when she told me I was doing a good job with the class, that was the ultimate reassurance and biggest confidence booster in the world. I will always appreciate her kind words and wisdom.”

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