PICE Hosts Marie Bellet in Concert

PICE Hosts Marie Bellet in Concert 1PICE, Partners in Catholic Education, hosted Christian recording artist Marie Bellet in a free concert on Thursday, January 29th at the St. Bede Family Life Center.

Marie has a unique gift: the ability to craft lyrics that express things we all feel and to look at life with optimism and humor.

Dubbed a “Renaissance woman” by Ignatius Press, Marie is a mother of nine with an MBA, has sold over 35,000 copies of her CDs out of her basement. She gives women a shot in the arm and couples a lesson in Married Life and Love. She paints service as strength, not stupidity. She admits to and laughs at the skirmishes in marriage.

Over 150 people filled the room to hear her inspiring music and story. Pictured with Marie are the PICE President Gary Tomlin, Merrie Tolbert, Patty McDonald, Debbie Harvey, Linda Anderson, Liz Sutton, guest Marie Bellet, Kathy Tyner, Carole Clark, Ann Karst, and Jerry Lopez. The officers hosted Marie and the MCPS Administration team to a pre-show dinner at Sommer’s Place. Below, PICE founder Liz Sutton and her mother Edna Sadie with Marie Bellet.

To read more about Marie and to hear samples from her new album, click here: http://www.mariebellet.com/ .

PICE Hosts Marie Bellet in Concert 2

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