Montgomery Zoo Visits Montgomery Catholic Middle School

Montgomery Zoo Visits Montgomery Catholic Middle School 1Montgomery Catholic’s middle school students were treated to an afternoon with the zoo without having to leave campus. Valerie Castanza, Danielle Crowe, and their team from the Montgomery Zoo brought some furry, feathered, and scaly critters to teach the students about the natural habitats and behaviors of different animals. The kids got to meet some animals that are native to Alabama—Desoto, a gopher tortoise; Helena, a great horned owl; Rusti, a screech owl; and Phoenix, a red-tailed hawk. These are all animals that could be seen in the wild in the Southeastern United States, and unfortunately, several of them have made their way into the care of the zoo because of injuries sustained from encounters with humans. The zoo crew also brought some friends from Down Under: Kook, a blue kookaburra, and Anala, a dingo. Both animals are natives of Australia and are a unique sight for those of us in the US.
Montgomery Zoo Visits Montgomery Catholic Middle School 2
While it was a fun presentation, the students also learned about the impact that humans have on our animal friends through the use of pesticides, littering, and improper care of pets. They learned a lot about the personal stories of each one of the animal ambassadors and ways they can help with the zoo through the Zooteen program.  The variety of animals was truly a delight for the students, and they had a wonderful time learning about each one.

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