Montgomery Catholic’s Pee Wee and Termites Finish the Season on Top at the CCC Jamboree!

Saturday, October 18 was a beautiful day for Montgomery Catholic to host the first Capitol City Conference (CCC) Pee Wee and Termite Jamboree. Alabama Christian Academy, Prattville Christian Academy, and St. James  participated in the event. The first game began at 8 a.m. and the Termite Knights and Pee Wee Knights made it through the day to the Championship games. Both teams did well with the Montgomery Catholic Termites winning the CCC Championship title after defeating PCA in the Championship game. The Termite Knights finished with a perfect season 10-0. PCA was second and St. James was third in the Termite division. The Pee Wee Knights were 2nd after a close game with St. James. The Pee Wee Knights finished the season with a record of 7-3. St. James was first and ACA was third in the Pee Wee division.

Montgomery Catholic’s Termite Football Team is coached by: Head Coach Matt Binns, and Assistant Coaches Brian Belsterling, Brian Ford & Michael Hodges.
Players are: #1 Kamron Dean, #2 Brennan Binns, #4 Nate Izer, #6 Tate Bartgis, #7 Will Belsterling, #8 Cannon Bach, #9 Chase Ford, #10 Ivan Klemen, #16 Dalton DeRamus, #19 Hunter Hodges, #24 John Russell Smith, #47 Christian Wentworth, #51 Jake Dean, #54 Owen Beesley, #58 Karson Franklin, #59 Austin Varner, #65 Will Anderson and #66 Mason Sylvester.

Montgomery Catholic’s Pee Wee Football Team is coached by: Head Coach Rod Bach and Assistant Coaches Jason Morehouse, Bruce Johnson & Johnny Reardon.
Players are: #2 DJ Carter, #3 Myles Butler, #7 Grant Smith, #11 Michael Jones, #15 Shawn Sponsler, #18 Ethan Binns, #19 John McLennan, #23 Jacob Downes, #25 Spencer Bach, #27 Matthew Reardon, #28 Jeff Mullarkey, #29 Aidan McNeely, #33 John Berryhill, #34 Martin Watson, #37 Caleb Morehouse, #38 Will Driver, #40 Austin Cleghorn, #44 Dean Johnson, #49 Will Gooslin, #50 Maverick Friday, #51 Baine Compton, #53 Riley Swain, #77 Zach Izer.

Cheering the teams on all season were Termite Cheerleaders: Mally Barranco, Lily Coulombe, Courtney Logeman, Kathryn Reardon, Katherine Kinard, Hannah Traff, Isabella Munoz, Addie Zumwalt, Sophia Taylor, Danielle Willcox, Maggie Stewart, Bethany Curry, Madison Green, Cameron Talley, Audrey Trant.
Coached by Angela Logeman, Kelly Coulombe, Katherine Barranco and Colleen Reardon

Pee Wee Cheerleaders: Emma Krasnowiecki, Jordan Stokes, Maggie Turner, Emily Klinger, Gracie Barranco, Cecilia Hoffpauir, Cameryn Cool, Valerie Waite, Devan Deramus, Emerson Retka, Cacey Williams, Alyssa Kirk, Emily Riggles. Coached by Kelley Klinger and Michelle Cool.

Congratulations to the Montgomery Catholic Termite & Pee Wee teams on a great season!

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