Montgomery Catholic’s Godwin Elected Alabama’s Chief Justice at Youth Judicial

Montgomery Catholic's Godwin Elected Alabama's Chief Justice at Youth Judicial 1

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School junior Dominic Godwin was elected as Alabama’s 2011 Youth Supreme Court Chief Justice at the 2010 YMCA Youth in Government’s Youth Judicial Conference held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Montgomery. Of the job, Godwin said, “A chief justice should not only the be the head of the competition, but should also be there for the delegates.  I hope to spark each and every delegates’ enthusiasm by example and leadership.”

Election speeches were given on Saturday night of the conference with elections on Sunday night.  Godwin has been involved with Montgomery Catholic’s Government Club and the YMCA Youth in Government Programs for the past three years.  This election was his first run for office.  Godwin’s first official duty as Alabama’s 2011 Youth Chief Justice was to adjourn the 2010 Judicial Conference during the closing ceremony.  In the spring, Godwin will preside over the Supreme Court at the 2011 Youth Legislature Conference.  He will return to preside over the 2011 Youth Judicial Conference next fall.

In addition to Godwin’s election at the Youth Judicial Conference, Montgomery Catholic’s Hannah Masingill served as the District 3 Chairperson where she aided Alabama Youth Governor Brennan McMahan in running the Pre-Judicial meetings.  Sophomore Jordan Heymann was also elected and served as the Sheriff for the conference.  Montgomery Catholic fielded two Prosecution and two Defense teams at Youth Judicial that were coached by attorneys Mrs. Melinda Perritano, Mrs. Susan Turley, and Montgomery Catholic alumni and attorneys Miss Laurel Crawford ’02 and Mr. Richard Dean ’78.

Serving on Montgomery Catholic’s Prosecution team one were Jacob Burke, Chad DuBois, John Preston Houston, Sydney Jarman, Megan Karst, Hannah Masingill, and Jack Starr. Defense team one participants were Ashley Barranco, Tara Bourke, Mackenzie Colvin, Ann Marie Dean, Andrea Hayes, Daniel LoBello, and Sarabeth Parker.  Montgomery Catholic’s Prosecution team two were Barbara Bradley, Walt Cobb, Jason Katz, Lexie Segrest, Joseph Sutton, Constance Taylor, and Lizzie Terino.  Defense team two participants were Dominic Godwin, Zachary Hulcher, David Norris, Paul Overton, Stefan Perritano, Blayne Spigner, and Ben Taylor.

Montgomery Catholic’s Government Club is led by President Chad DuBois and sponsored by Mrs. Amy Johnson.

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