Montgomery Catholic’s Concert Band Receives High Ratings at MPA

Montgomery Catholic's Concert Band Receives High Ratings at MPA 1

The Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Concert Band under the direction of Alex Johnson attended the Alabama Bandmasters Association’s Music Performance Assessment (MPA). MPA is the Association’s annual Concert Band evaluation festival. This year the festival was held at Opelika High School in Opelika, Alabama March 9-11. Montgomery Catholic’s Concert Band performed on Wednesday, March 11 at 3:30 p.m.. The band’s stage performance received a score of “II-I-I” from the panel of stage judges, for their renditions of BravuraThey Led My Lord Away and Summer Dances. The band received a “I” from the sight-reading judge, the best score possible. The sight-reading portion of the competition requires the group to perform a piece of sheet music they have not seen before, after being given only seven minutes to review it with their Band Director. Montgomery Catholic Band Director Alex Johnson said of his band, “The kids were playing by far the most challenging and difficult program of music they have ever attempted before, so I am very pleased with the effort and dedication they have put into their preparation this year.” 

Montgomery Catholic's Concert Band Receives High Ratings at MPA 2

The Montgomery Catholic Concert Band members are: High School students, Skye Alexander, Maria Barragan,
David Bender, Adam Bristol, Cammie Brown, Devin Byrts, Roberto Calixtro, Eric Crenshaw, Jennifer Doan, John Faulkner, Francisco Gonzalez, Jonathan Green, Audrey Kim, Ashleigh Little, Lizzie Londell, Casey Lyerly, Katie McDaniel, Peter Nguyen, Elizabeth Overton, Henry Petters, William Russell, Alex Smith, Mary Reagan Starrett,
Logan Stevens, Maggie Tippett, Bryan Urraca, Beth Vaughan, Clint Williams and Delohn Wyatt. Middle School students, Lexie Becker, Nick Bowden, Marie Bristol, Nicholas Brown, Jonah Gier, Ezequiel Gonzalez, Jonathan Guevara, Maddie Losik, Zach Moore, Braley Mullarkey, Jevon Murdock, Jeremy Ramirez, Mari Caitlin Riggles, 
Chloe Smith, Denzel Surles, Ricky Treloar and Chris Waring. 

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