Montgomery Catholic Teacher Displays Teddy Bears

Montgomery Catholic Teacher Displays Teddy Bears 1The Teddy Bear Hunt is a fun scavenger hunt that’s taken the country by storm, and there is no more perfect spot to find bears than at the Montgomery Catholic St. Bede elementary campus. 3rd grade teacher Tammy Quillin has a unique year-long project for her students where they each get to pick a stuffed bear and write about its life and adventures. When the campus shut down in mid-March, the students were unable to take the bears with them, but Mrs. Quillin wanted the students to still visit with their plush buddies. She arranged all of the bears in her classroom windows, making a cute and cuddly display, complete with a special message from the bears to her students.

“We miss you, 3rd Grade!” says one sign. “Love, Your Bears,” says the other. It’s a sweet message for the students but also an uplifting display for passers-by.

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