Montgomery Catholic Students Use Imaginations in Science

Montgomery Catholic Students Use Imaginations in Science 1

Montgomery Catholic fourth grade students in Miss Whitman’s classes used their imaginations to give “extinct” animals a new life through the “Really Extinct” project.  While discussing ecosystems and extinct animals, the students had to create their own extinct creature using recycled materials.  The fourth graders also had to write paragraphs describing their creature’s name, habitat, food sources, defense mechanisms, shelter, and how their animal became “extinct.”  The students let their imaginations run wild and then presented their animals to the class. Ethan Macchia created a “Smelly-pede” from the Hawaiian Islands. Sydney Downes created a “Chick-ma-Goose” from Hong Kong.  Ricky Treloar created a “Deeraffus”, which is a cross between a deer and a giraffe.  Carson Binns created a “Red-eyed Glaw Gator” which uses its night vision to hunt its prey.  Pictured with their “extinct creatures” Montgomery Catholic fourth graders Ethan Macchia, Ricky Treloar, Sydney Downes, and Carson, Binns.

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