Montgomery Catholic Students Celebrate Australia

Montgomery Catholic Students Celebrate Australia 1
The students at the Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Holy Spirit Campus took a staycation Down Under for their annual Cultural Day, learning all about the country of Australia. Parent volunteers served as tour guides for the students who led them to different classrooms outfitted with various lessons on the geography, history, art, music, and daily life of Australians. They made crafts, enjoyed “fairy bread” (buttered bread with sprinkles), and a few “lucky” students even got to try a polarizing Australian favorite, Vegemite sandwiches. The students learned about the plight of the animals suffering as a result of the recent Australian bushfires, so they collected donations of “Dollas for Koalas” to help with conservation efforts. To cap off the day, the students had a presentation from guest speaker Kathleen Weber, a Holy Spirit parent and native Australian. It was a fun day of hands-on learning about a culture that is half a world away yet so close to our own.

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