Montgomery Catholic Students Answer, “What does the principal do all day?”

During creative writing in Mrs. Burden’s second grade class at Montgomery Catholic’s Holy Spirit Campus, students expressed their ideas with illustrations answering the question “What does the principal do all day?”  They were quite creative with their ideas of what Mr. Monson’s daily activities! Some of the tasks they believe he does each day are reading emails, signing papers, visiting classrooms, talking on the phone to parents, going to meetings, joining the students at church, giving prizes when students fill their positive behavior punch cards, playing with the students at recess, waving to parents at dismissal and several commented on his stylish and colorful attire, especially his bow ties! All of the stories were delightful!

Pictured:  Montgomery Catholic’s Holy Spirit Campus Principal Matthew Monson with several members of Mrs. Ellie Burden’s second grade class with their ideas of “What does the principal does all day?”.
Front row (L to R)- Keveen Ramirez, Abbey Jones, Antonio Lemuz.
Back row (L to R)- Allison Naccari, Antonio Charles, Alex Brown, Mr. Monson, Heather Walski, Harper Howell.

Montgomery Catholic Students Answer, "What does the principal do all day?" 1

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