Montgomery Catholic Sophomores Escape for the Day at Jackson Lake Island and Skate Zone 2000

Montgomery Catholic 10th graders had their annual Sophomore Escape Day at Skate Zone 2000 for a day of class bonding, friendship building, and community outside the classroom. They began the day by celebrating Mass in the High School chapel, followed by breakfast and icebreakers. From there, students and teachers went to Jackson Lake Island where “Big Fish” was filmed. While there, they participated in various service projects such as  clearing logs, tree limbs, and debris from the goat area. 

Skate Zone 2000 was a big hit for the students as they were able to play pool against teachers, rollerblade, play laser tag, and all kinds of arcade games. Escaping the classroom allows for students to interact in a more casual environment and foster deeper community with one another and their teachers.

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