Montgomery Catholic Seniors Visit Camp Chandler for Senior Retreat

The Montgomery Catholic Senior Class enjoyed their Senior Retreat together at Camp Chandler September 23-25 as they reminisced on years of memories with one another. This retreat served to allow the seniors to unplug and dive into friendship with each other for a few days without the distractions of technology and their normal obligations. They were encouraged to forge new friendships, grow in old ones, and cement a class identity that they will remember forever. Most importantly, they focused on centering their lives and their minds around faith to prepare themselves for senior year and the next steps in their lives.
This weekend consisted of prayer, Mass, recreation, team building, a campfire, and so much more. Father Connor Plessala offered Mass and provided a beautiful reflection for the seniors to consider as they finish high school and make strides toward the professional world. Members of the faculty and staff provided talks and shared wisdom to help our seniors become men and women of faith, virtue, and wisdom in their communities, both during senior year and beyond.

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