Montgomery Catholic Senior Completes Eagle Scout & Invests in His School

Ethan Gilbert has a helping hand from friend Aidan Cochran in completing his Eagle Scout project.. Photo by the Gilbert family.

Giving back to the community is a big deal for any high school student, but for Montgomery Catholic student Ethan Gilbert, it meant completing his Eagle Scout qualifications. Reaching the Eagle Scout level of the Boy Scouts organization is no small feat. There are many tasks to complete and it takes years to advance to the highest level. Some of these tasks include completing volunteer hours and camping hours, as well as earning merit badges. Most boys start their Boy Scout journey in 6th grade, but they must have their Eagle Scout rank accomplished by the time they reach their 18th birthday. The last task to be completed to become an Eagle Scout is a service project.

Senior Ethan Gilbert chose to refurbish the benches in the Montgomery Catholic Courtyard for his final service project. Gilbert discussed how he knew he wanted to invest back in his school because the school had invested so much in him. “It took hours to chip off the paint, and then we came to repaint,” says Gilbert. Gilbert also stated that he knew the benches would be in use even more this year because of the impact of COVID-19. 

Gilbert talked about the many skills and lessons that he has gained from Boy Scouts and explained that the organization creates well rounded citizens. He said he is “able to cooperate with others and work as a team, both in the troop and outside of the troop.” He also emphasized how Boy Scouts has provided him with connections and opportunities that he would otherwise not know about. He states “It helps you get noticed and can even help you get jobs.” When asked what his favorite part of his Eagle Scout project was, Gilbert stated “seeing the end result was probably my favorite part.” Gilbert donated his time and resources to help improve Montgomery Catholic and is thankful for the opportunity to be an Eagle Scout. 

Pictured: Ethan Gilbert has a helping hand from friend Aidan Cochran in completing his Eagle Scout project.
MCPS Student Contributors: Gracie Barranco, Maria Cervantes, Alex Hines, and John Niemi 
Photo Contributed: The Gilbert family.

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