Montgomery Catholic RoboKnights Battle at the Beach

Montgomery Catholic RoboKnights Battle at the Beach 1
Space Bob Ross took a recent trip to the beach, but it wasn’t to dip its servos into the surf. Instead, it was piloted by the Montgomery Catholic RoboKnights robotics team at the Vex Robotics Bots on the Beach competition in Gulf Shores. The 5-person Space Bob Ross team includes Arthur Murray, Aidan Cochran, Hunter Vaccaro, Chris Lathram, and Catherine Aaron. Each member has a different area of expertise, including designing, programming, building, documenting, and driving.
Montgomery Catholic RoboKnights Battle at the Beach 2Each robotics team builds a robot capable of completing certain tasks to earn points. This year’s game, “Turning Point”, has several different challenges. There are several caps with one blue side and one red side. The robot can flip the cap to its team’s color to earn points or pick up the cap and place it onto a stand for additional points. There are 3 stands with 3 flags of different heights. The robot can push the bottom flag to its color to earn points, or it can throw a ball at the upper two flags to earn additional points. There is also a platform with two different heights where the robot can park at the end of the round. Parking on the higher platform earns more points. The first 15 seconds of the round allow the robot to complete tasks autonomously, and the remainder of the round is driver-controlled.

The performance of the Space Bob Ross team earned them a spot in the upcoming state competition and they are currently ranked 28thin the world for skills. Although this was a successful trip, the RoboKnights are working hard to improve their performance as the competition only gets harder as the season progresses. Montgomery Catholic will host a Vex Robotics competition on November 3.

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