Montgomery Catholic Puts Science in Action

Montgomery Catholic Puts Science in Action 1

Mr. Barwick helps Chase Stewart & Seullee Baek with the fifth step in 

the Science Olympiad Rube Goldberg machine.

The Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Science in Action/Science Olympiad team works on creating a Rube Goldberg machine.  They were tasked with using complex steps to perform a simple task.  In this case, the students used 12 steps to turn on music to play during a pizza party at lunch on September 6. MCPS Principal Chad Barwick made the pizza delivery which popped a balloon and started the Rube Goldberg machine. Mrs. Elizabeth Harbin is the MCPS High School Science Olympiad sponsor. 

Montgomery Catholic Puts Science in Action 2
Pictured are freshmen David Bender with Adam Bristol (standing),
working on the final step in the project.

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