Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Recognizes 55 4th-6th Grade Students who Qualify for Duke TIPs

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School recognizes 55 students who have qualified to participate in the highly selective 4th-6th Grade Talent Search offered through the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP).  These students have score in the 95th percentile or higher on subtests of nationally standardized tests in the spring of this year.  

Duke TIP has helped gifted students identify and realize their full potential since 1980.  As a non-profit organization, their goals are to help exceptional students achieve maximum success in school and in life, and to provide schools and parents with the resources they need to meet the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted children.

Participation in the 4th-6th Grade Talent Search offers students opportunities such as an online curriculum, optional above-level testing, educational programming, newsletters for students and parents, and independent learning materials. 

Students at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School who have qualified for Duke TIP recognition are Catherine Aaron, Cannon Bach, Mally Barranco,  Tess Barwick,  Owen Beesley,  James Bender, Brennan Binns, Ethan Binns, Nicholas Calandra, Hannah Chitlik, Lily Coulombe, Cade Corbin, Savannah Decker, Dalton DeRamus, Lena Duncan, Ansley Erhardt, Esa Gancayco, Ailish Gilbert, Ariyn Gilbert, Carissa Gilbert, Ainsley Harrison, Kaylee Holmes, Hunter Hodges, Harrison Howell, Zach Izer,  Layne Jordan, Shannon Kille, Ivan Klemen, Matthew Livingston, Natalie Magee, Madison McMullen, Nick Montelara, Isabella Munoz, Ella Newell, Will Noell, Ben Nguyen, Abby O’Donnell, Ryan Parker, Tyler Peeler, Kathryn Reardon, Matthew Reardon, Joseph Reeves, Samuel Rogers, Gabe Russo, Sarah Souriya, Jake Talbot,   Audrey Trant,  Amy Treloar, Maggie Turner, Thomas White, Alana Wilkinson, Danielle Willcox, Cas Wilson, Hart Yost and Laura Thomas Zhvania.       

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Recognizes 55 4th-6th Grade Students who Qualify for Duke TIPs 1
Photo: Montgomery Catholics’ Holy Spirit Campus Duke TIP Qualifiers: Front row: Cade Corbin, Esa Gancayco, Laura Thomas Zhvania, Mally Barranco, Ben Nguyen, Isabella Munoz, Ryan Parker, Hunter Hodges, Jake Talbot, and Ivan Klemen.  Back Row Carissa Gilbert, Catherine Aaron, Harrison Howell, Owen Beesley, Gabe Russo, Cas Wilson, Zach Izer, Ella Newell, Maggie Turner, and Tyler Peeler.

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School Recognizes 55 4th-6th Grade Students who Qualify for Duke TIPs 2
Photo: Montgomery Catholic’s St. Bede Campus Duke TIP Qualifiers: First Row: Madison McMullen, Sarah Souriya, Savannah Decker, Nick Montelara. Second Row: Cannon Bach, Brennan Binns, Lily Coulombe, Dalton DeRamus, Ariyn Gilbert,Joseph Reeves, Hannah Chitlik, Natalie Magee, Abby O’Donnell, Thomas White, Kathryn Reardon, Audrey Trant, Alana Wilkinson, Nicholas Calandra. Third Row:  Kaylee Holmes, Matthew Livingston, Lena Duncan, Ailish Gilbert, Hart Yost, Ansley Erhardt, Matthew Reardon, Layne Jordan, Will Noell, Samuel Rogers, Tess Barwick, James Bender, Ethan Binns, Amy Treloar, Shannon Kille, Ainsley Harrison. Not pictured: Danielle Willcox.

Submitted by Mary Kelley

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