Montgomery Catholic Named “Best in State” by Junior Engineering Technical Society

Montgomery Catholic Named "Best in State" by Junior Engineering Technical Society 1

Students from Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School were awarded the “Best in State” prize in the 32st annual TEAMS high school engineering competition sponsored by the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS).  The team, which took the top 9/10 grade “Best in State” award, worked on solving the global energy “supply and demand” problem highlighted by rising gasoline prices, current events in the Middle East and the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Montgomery Catholic’s JETS team is sponsored by Dr. Joe Profio.

Pictured:  Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s JETS team members (front row) Giselle Sims, Will Brunson, and Stone Miller;  (back row) Dylan Craig and Zachary Hulcher. All are sophomores, except for Mr. Brunson who is a freshman.

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