Montgomery Catholic Hosts First “Free” Physical Exam Day for Students

More than 170 athletes and band members took advantage of Montgomery Catholic’s first “Free” Physical Exam Day on Saturday, May 21.

The process ran smoothly thanks to great planning by Patrick Wood of the Jackson Hospital Foundation and Mark Carpenter, Catholic’s athletic trainer from PT Solutions. Both have extensive experience in planning such events and generously shared their knowledge.

Montgomery Catholic would like to express its appreciation to everyone who worked to help make the event a success:
Dr. Alan Babb
Ashton Babb
Kelly Babb
Ann Berher
Mark Carpenter (PT Solutions)
Diane Castanza
Jill Clark
Mark Cotter
Rhonda Cotter
Dr. Carmelita DeJesus
Dr. Ronaldo DeJesus
Marcia Dixon
T-Michael Dougherty (PT Solutions)
Richard Hulcher
Vickie Hulcher
Alex Johnson
Ken Klinger
Nancy Kocan
Donna LoBello
Katrina Magdon
Dr. Nicholas Manzari
Mark Marus
Thereassa McDaniel
Teresa McLeod
Tara Padilla
Jean Parker
Dr. Jason Randall (So. Orth. Specialists)
Jennifer Rodopolous
Matt Rollan (PT Solutions)
Susan Ryan
Mike Shatzer
Maria Smith
Audra Starrett
Billy Thacker
Andy Tolar
Lisa Tolar
Michael Valdez
Bob Van Alst
Jennie Van Alst
Lesley Wilkinson
Julie Wood
Patrick Wood
John Wyatt

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