Montgomery Catholic Honors Top Athletes at Varsity Sports Banquet

Montgomery Catholic Honors Top Athletes at Varsity Sports Banquet 1Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School honored their varsity athletes for the 2009-2010 year at their annual Varsity Athletic Banquet held at the RSA Activity Center. Montgomery Catholic fields 16 varsity team sports throughout the year. Mrs. Fran Taylor, High School Principal, recognized the four nominees for the Jimmy Hitchcock Award. They were Jessica Barranco, Hannah Carter, M.L. Shipman, and Jessica Taff. Also recognized were Montgomery Catholic’s ninth grade nominees Jack Starr, Katherine Terino, Michael Tyner, and Callie Wilkinson.

Montgomery Catholic has four awards which honor individual team members for their hard work and dedication to their sport. Three of these distinguished awards honor individuals who had tremendous influence on our athletic program: Father Patrick Delahunty, Mr. Joe Fields, and Coach Jack Kresek.

The Father Pat Delahunty Sportsmanship Award, named for the founder of our athletic program, honors the athlete who demonstrates outstanding sportsmanship. The Fr. Delahunty Sportsmanship Award winners were Sarah Armstrong, Leigh Ellen Cannon, Jake Clark, Hannah Carter, Jessica Taff, Jarrett Mason, Miles Jordan, Aidan Gilbert, Lindsey Guin, Brandon Maddox, Kathy Edwards, Kelsey Donohue, Christine Held, M.L. Shipman, and Corey Jackson.

The Coach Jack Kresek Coaches Award, named for a much-beloved football coach who led the Knights (then the “Saints”) from 1956 until 1961, recognizes the athlete who exhibits strong determination, team effort, dependability, and a winning attitude. The Jack Kresek Coaches Award winners were Christine Spotswood, Caitlin McRae, Patrick Freeman, Christine Held, Allie Micher, Josh Stark, Graham Evans, Meghan Hodge, Corey Cotter, Katherine Terino, Fran Mount, Thomas Woods, Alex Manning, Courtney Willcox, Tripp Whatley, Sarah Talbot, Connor Wright, and Jack Starr.

The Joe Fields Leadership Award, named for an outstanding student-athlete from the 1970s who displayed outstanding leadership while attending Montgomery Catholic, honors the athlete who demonstrate exceptional leadership skills to their teammates. The Joe Fields Leadership Award winners were Molly McLaughlin, Christine Spotswood, Brandon Holman, Kelsey Donohue, Lizzie Terino, Meredith Kocan, Landon Pickens, Leonard Walker, Kirsten Lancaster, Matt Simmons, Sara Pittman, Hayden Whyard, Will Clark, Jessica Barranco, Anisa Britt, Leyton Spigner, Tahj Vaughns, Rich Mullikin, and Matt Christie.

Each varsity sport names one Most Valuable Player. Montgomery Catholic’s MVPs were Jessica Barranco, Jessica Mount, M.L. Shipman, Elizabeth Karst, Katherine Terino, Corey Cotter, Kenny Davison, Courtney Willcox, Preston Stone, Shannon Guin, Wheeler Ronan, Hayden Ellis, Kirsten Lancaster, Jake Clark, MacKenzie Colvin, and Jacob Stinson.

The top athletes from each sport are nominated for the Knights of the Round Table Award, which recognizes the top male and female athlete of the year. The Knights of the Round Table nominees were Sarah Armstrong, Jessica Barranco, Hannah Carter, Kirsten Lancaster, Jessica Taff, Courtney Willcox, Rich Mullikin, M.L. Shipman, Matt Simmons, and Leonard Walker. The Montgomery Catholic Knights of the Round Table Winners are Jessica Taff and M.L. Shipman.

To close the banquet, Monsignor F. Charles Troncale, Pastor of Church of the Holy Spirit, led the parents and guests in a final blessing for all of the senior athletes.

Pictured: Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s Knights of the Round Table Athletes of the Year M.L. Shipman and Jessica Taff.

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