Montgomery Catholic has 27 Seventh Grade Duke TIP Qualifiers

MCPS had 27 seventh graders qualify for the The Duke University Talent Identification Program or Duke TIPS program for 2012-2013. The 7th Grade Talent Search, which focuses on the identification, recognition, and support of high-ability students, offers qualifying seventh grade students the opportunity to take college entrance exams alongside high school students. Many 7th Grade Talent Search participants go on to earn exceptionally high scores.  Those who qualified are: Sienna Albaugh, Maria Barragan, Carter Beesley, Lauren Beverly, Lita Blackburn, Cameryn Brown, Mary Brunson, Trinity Carter, Jessie Clark, Luke Craig, Christopher DeJesus, John Faulkner, Ryne Herbek, Maria Johnson, Gabriel Lewandowski, Elizabeth Londell, Jenni Morgan, Anna Nutting, Lauren Oates, Henry Petters, Kyriacos Phillippou, Hyunjoo Rho, Cameron Searcy, Katelyn Stark, Annabel Starrett, Anna Stokes, Matthew Taylor.  

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