Montgomery Catholic Crowns 2011 Homecoming Queen & King

Montgomery Catholic Crowns 2011 Homecoming Queen & King 1

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School recently crowned their 2011 Homecoming Queen and King during the half-time ceremonies of the varsity football game as the Knights hosted Excel High School.  Miss Hailey Loria was crowned by the 2010 Homecoming Queen Mary Allison Tyner.  Hailey is the daughter of Tony and Angela Loria. Mr. Miller Clemmons was named Homecoming King and presented a scepter by 2010 Homecoming King Jake Clark. Miller is the son of Greg Clemmons and Susan Ryan.

The Freshman Attendant was Jennifer Tyner.  Jennifer is the daughter of Russ and Kathy Tyner.  Jennifer was escorted by Gaten Armstrong. Gaten is the son of Brett Armstrong and Joanie Armstrong.  The Sophomore Attendent was Anna McCracken.  Anna is the daughter of Chris and Stephanie McCracken.  Anna was escorted by Michael Moussalli.  Michael is the son of Drs. Samir and Cinzia Moussalli. The Junior Attendent was Katie Lafreniere.  Katie is the daughter of Steve and Kelly Lafreniere.  Katie was escorted by Will Littleton.  Will is the son of Rick Littleton and Marty Littleton.

The Senior Attendent was Evan LaBarge.  Evan is the daughter of Al and Patsy LaBarge.  Evan was escorted by Aidan Gilbert.  Aidan is the son of Cam and Tiger Gilbert.  The Senior Attendant was Alex Valdez.  Alex is the daughter of Michael and Julie Valdez.  Alex was escorted by Cameron Powell. Cameron is the son of Patrick Howard and Miriam Powell.

Montgomery Catholic students celebrated Homecoming Week with a host of daily activities building up to the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 8 held at the St. Bede Family Life Center.

Montgomery Catholic Crowns 2011 Homecoming Queen & King 2

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