Montgomery Catholic Concert Band Showcases Talent at Spring Concert

Montgomery Catholic Concert Band Showcases Talent at Spring Concert 1

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s Concert Bands recently showcased their talents at their annual Spring Concert held in the Dolly Barranco Activity Center.  Members of the Beginning, Advanced, and Concert Bands all performed numerous selections.  The event was emceed by Mrs. Ruth Glenboski. 

The evening started with the Beginning Band members who played Marche Militaire by Franz Schubert, Dancin’ on the Bayou by Ralph Ford, and Dragon Slayer by Rob Grice.  The Beginning Band section members are flute: Audrey Kim, Amber Williams, Alejandra Vasquez, and Ansley Rohde; trumpet: James Sadie, Tristian Parish, Ledarianne Moore, and Ansley Taylor; clarinet: Ashleigh Little, Denise Jaimes, Ashley Donohue, Madison Bednarz, and Iyana Tate; low brass: Adam Bristol, David Bender, and Michelle Warrick; saxophone: Kenneth Bell and Nathan Smith; and in the percussion section: Briana Chavez, Francisco Gonzalez, and Skye Alexander.

The Advanced Band member played Mountains of Mohon by Sean O’Loughlin, As Winds Dance by Samuel Hazo, Shackelford Banks by Jay Bocook, and Groovee! by Richard Saucedo.  The Advanced Band section members are flute: Elizabeth Overton, Ashley Kim, Peter Nguyen, Jennifer Doan, and Nia Averett; clarinet: Mary Reagan Starrett, Logan Stevens, Beth Vaughan, Brian Lee, Kaitlyn Kornosky, and Joshua Seals; saxophone: Mandy Jones, Drew Edwards, and Brian Brunson; trumpet: Patrick Wood, Gavin Gaines, and Jacob Atchley; French horn: William Russell and Caroline Mullikin; trombone: Jonathan Miller and Katie McDaniel; tuba: Lorie Moody; and percussion: Eric Crenshaw, McGowin Moore, Delohn Wyatt, and Joseph Thrash.

The Concert Band members played The Cluster Fluster Bluster March and Prairie Dances by David Holsinger, Whispers by Sandy Feldstien and Larry Clark, Concerto for Faculty and Band by James Ployhar featuring the musical talents of special guest soloists our school administration: school president Anne Ceasar, St. Bede Principal Laurie Gulley, Middle School Principal Maria Nolen, and High School Principal Fran Taylor, and The Great Locomotive Chase by Robert W. Smith. 

Concert guests enjoyed a reception immediately following the performances and were entertained by the Montgomery Catholic Jazz Band.

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