Montgomery Catholic Announces Ryan Beesley as the 2023 Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award Winner

Mr. Ryan Beesley was honored by Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School on February 4, as the 2023 Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award winner for his service to the school.  The Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award was established by the Harbin family and is awarded by the school to recognize those selfless individuals who have significantly served Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School and exemplified its values in their lives.

Montgomery Catholic’s president, Mr. Justin Castanza, presented Ryan with an engraved clock at the school’s 15th Annual Monte Carlo Night, in appreciation for the gift of his time.

The 27th recipient of the Harbin Award, Ryan Beesley is a proud alumni of Montgomery Catholic and parent of an MCPS Alum that attended the school for 12 years. Ryan has served the school as a member of the MCPS Advisory Council, including as the Board Vice-Chair and Board Chairman. He has been a football booster as a parent, business person, and alumni for over 12 years. As a Montgomery Catholic supporter, Ryan has sponsored football radio, supported Monte Carlo Night, sponsored and volunteered for all alumni events, and even served as a field trip chaperone. He most recently served as a volunteer on the MCPS Strategic Planning Committee. 

As an active member of a local parish for over 50 years, Ryan has been a proud advocate for Faith and Catholic Education. He promotes Montgomery Catholic through business and the community, recommending MCPS to anyone looking for a school family. He sponsors all of our local parishes and goes out of his way to support Montgomery Catholic in every way possible. 

Ryan’s gift of his time has been an abundant blessing to our Montgomery Catholic community over the years. We are so grateful for his service to our school.

Congratulations Ryan Beesley and Thank you!

Ryan joins past Distinguished Service Award recipients:  

Leonard J. Mrotek, 1997      

Margaret Olive Jones, 1998         

Edward P. Clark, 1999

Marty & Bebe Taylor, 2000      

Dottie A. Dean, 2001         

“Goose” DeLongchamp, 2002

Rod & Anne Ceasar, 2003     

Bill & Marian Saliski, 2004        

Jeff Downes, 2005

David & Jeanne Barranco, 2006   

Nora Cammack, 2007   

Dennis & Karen Weber, 2008

Chip & Lisa Vercelli, 2009     

Bill & Debbie Barranco, 2010

Barr & Cappy Younker, 2011

Liz Sutton & Jerry Lopez, 2012    

Jack Galassini, 2013    

Gaylon & Mary McAlpine 2014

Marty Rupert Huett, 2015

Kevin Ryan, 2016

Ann Karst, 2017

Jack Lauer, 2018

Pat & Casie McGinn, 2019

Linda Belsterling Anderson, 2020

Tammy Hayes, 2021

John & Lisa Sadie, 2022

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