Montgomery Catholic 7th Graders Experience Camp Chandler

The transition to middle school can be a difficult time for some students. Moving to a new school, meeting a lot of new people, switching between different classes each period, and learning to open a locker are part of the challenges that almost every middle schooler experiences for the first time in 7th grade. To help ease the new school jitters and build fellowship, the Montgomery Catholic 7th grade class takes an overnight trip to Camp Chandler at the beginning of each school year.
The students enjoyed all kinds of activities including archery, swimming, tower climbing, boat rides, and everyone’s favorite high-intensity camp game, GaGa. The students split into four large groups and rotated between the different activities during the day. In the evening, everyone gathered around the campfire to wind down for songs and fellowship with one another. Justin Castanza, Principal of the Montgomery Catholic middle school, gave a motivational talk to welcome the students to middle school and encourage them to get to know one another better.
Reflecting on the time spent together, the students felt that the trip was both fun and valuable to create new friendships and strengthen bonds within the class. “Camp was fun and a great way to get to know everyone,” said student Michael Ann Williams. Eli Kindle agreed. “It really brought us together and united us.”
Montgomery Catholic 7th Graders Experience Camp Chandler 1

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