Middle & High School Students Celebrate All Saints Day, Remembering Fr. Labadie

Middle & High School Students Celebrate All Saints Day, Remembering Fr. Labadie 1

Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School’s Middle and High School students united as one to celebrate All Saints Day Mass in the Father Pat Delahunty Gymnasium. Father Stephen Martin ’87 was the main celebrant, with Father Patrick Driscoll ’84 and Father James Dean ’79 con-celebrating. Music was provided by students Lauren Tucker ‘06, Sean Valieant ‘09, Olivia Veres ‘07, Aaron Weber’10, and Cynthia Weber ’07. This Mass was our first time as a school community that we mourned the loss of Father Michael Labadie ’91. Father Martin’s homily to the students was simple and poignant: “If you want to remember Father Labadie well and do him honor, have the courage to become a saint. That’s the feast we celebrate today, and that’s what God asks of each of you.” Then, as part of the offertory of the Mass, Kelsey and Matthew Donohue, niece and nephew of Father Labadie, brought up Father Labadie’s personal chalice, which was given by the family as a permanent gift to the school and students. Following communion, Senior Mary Catherine Ingram, our SGA President and former student of Father Labadie, gave a brief talk, remembering Father Labadie. Her speech, in its entirety, can be found on our website: http://www.knights.pvt.k12.al.us/hp/Fr.Labadie.remembering.doc. The Mass closed with “Amazing Grace,” which began with a quiet solo on the xylophone leading into song by the student body. By the end of Mass, there were very few dry eyes. Father Labadie’s family members were greeted by students following the service. It was a graced moment for our students and faculty and a time of healing for all.

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