MCPS Sixth Graders Chosen to Have Work Published

Montgomery Catholic sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Lori Riggles encouraged her students to write an essay for a contest held by Creative Communication, a company devoted to the promotion of writing, teaching and appreciation of student expression. The intent of the student contest is to motivate creative writers and artists.159,000 schools entered the contest. The top entries are published in an anthology that will record the insights of today’s most creative students. Students are selected from the United States and Canada. There are 50 selected from each regional area for a grand total of  500-600 for the published anthology. 
Imagine Mrs. Riggles delight when 9 of her sixth grade students were selected for publication! The students’ essays that were selected for publication are: Anna Catherine Barranco, Annie Bach, Ricky Treloar, MariCaitlin Riggles, Ethan Macchia, Melody Taylor, Jacob Flowers, Hunter Vaccaro and Isabelle Saliba.
Congratulations to our sixth grade writers and to Mrs. Riggles!

MCPS Sixth Graders Chosen to Have Work Published 1

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