MCPS Featured Teachers of the Month, October 2012: Mr. Wes Henderson & Mrs. Mary Walker

Montgomery Catholic would like to introduce our Featured Teachers of the month.  MCPS is so fortunate to have amazing teachers leading our students to become persons of faith, virtue and wisdom. 
Meet K-4 teacher at our Holy Spirit Campus, Mrs. Mary Walker and 9th grade World History Teacher, Mr. Wes Henderson.

Mrs. Mary Walker is the Holy Spirit Elementary campus K-4 teacher; this is the first year MCPS has offered a K-4 program.  She is a Catholic High Alum, Class of 1976. Mary attended college at Auburn and AUM and holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.
MCPS Featured Teachers of the Month, October 2012: Mr. Wes Henderson & Mrs. Mary Walker 1
Mrs. Walker and her class on the fist day of school.

Mrs. Walker loves to teach reading and the alphabet to her four year olds. She believes that teaching is her way of serving God. She explained, “I believe teaching is the gift the Lord blessed me with.  Teaching is challenging but very rewarding.  Four year olds are special people in many ways. I feel fortunate to spend my days with these people.”
Fun Facts about Mrs. Walker: The most interesting person she ever met was someone who taught her a lot, her husband. Her favorite prayer is the Hail Mary. She has an adventurous spirit, this summer she hiked Mt. Rainer in Washington State with her son. The most exotic place she has been is Hawaii. Her favorite Christmas present ever is her iPod.  She loves to listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter sing while eating her favorite shrimp dinner.
MCPS Featured Teachers of the Month, October 2012: Mr. Wes Henderson & Mrs. Mary Walker 2
Mr. Henderson and his 9th grade World History Class

Mr. Wes Hendersoncurrently teaches MCPS 9th grade students World History, piloting the first MCPS all digital curriculum.  A graduate of Oxford High School in Oxford, AL, Wes continued his education at The University of Alabama receiving his bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science and a master’s degree in Secondary Education.

Mr. Henderson teaches because he always wanted to work with young people. He has a deep passion for making students the best they can be in any aspect of their life, and finds nothing more rewarding than seeing a child reach their full potential. He finds it “very fulfilling to see someone do something they did not believe they could do, to not settle for mediocrity, and to excel in anything they attempt.”  His favorite lesson to teach is WWII because it is such a powerful topic and the students respond extremely well to the events and characters discussed and the many class activities they complete. His students have enjoyed a WWII battle reenactment with “Capture the Flag” in the courtyard, and test review basketball in the classroom.

Fun facts about Wes: His favorite prayer is The Lord’s Prayer. His cereal of choice is Frosted Flakes or Fruity Pebbles. He played baseball of The University of Alabama and traveled to Havana, Cuba to play in the Goodwill Games, a life changing experience. He met Whitey Herzog, who managed the St. Louis Cardinals to the 1982 World Series Title, when he attended Whitey Herzog night at Busch Stadium as a special guest during the summer of 2005. The Christmas present he will never forget is the battery powered PowerWheels Corvette Santa Claus left under the tree in the 80’s. To this day his mother still has the car.

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