MCPS Featured Teachers of the Month, January 2013: Mrs. Nancy Foley & Mr. Matthew Monson

Montgomery Catholic would like to introduce our Featured Teachers of the month. MCPS is so fortunate to have amazing teachers leading our students to become persons of faith, virtue, and wisdom.

Meet Holy Spirit Campus 3rd/4th grade teacher Mrs. Nancy Foley and Middle School Social Studies/Public Speaking teacher Coach Matthew Monson.

Mrs. Nancy Foley is one of our third and fourth grade co-teachers at the MCPS Holy
Spirit Elementary Campus. Her education background includes a B. S. in Elementary
Education from the University of South Alabama. She received her Master’s in Elementary
Education from Troy State University. When asked “why teach?” Mrs. Foley responded
,“It is a calling to help young people discover academic knowledge and to allow the
Holy Spirit to work through me so that He can teach them how to live.” Her favorite lesson
to teach is a Science Activity on Owl Families.

With a sense of adventure, Mrs. Foley walked four miles into the woods of South Carolina with a 74-year old man that she had met the day before. He helped her find the “Old Irish Cemetery”, where she saw the gravesites of her ancestors who came to America in 1735. She believes the most exotic place she has been is SEC Football Games! Interesting people she has met include Barbara Bush and her husband, George Sr., with whom she had dinner when he was running for President in 1980.

A few of Mrs. Foley’s favorite things are… The Serenity Prayer, a bowl of Wheat Chex cereal for breakfast, chicken casserole and pasta salad for dinner while listening to “Jimmy Buffet Beach Songs” or at Christmas, Carol of the Bells. Her most favorite Christmas present ever was from a boyfriend. When the other guys were giving jewelry for Christmas, her boyfriend gave her a really nice camera. “Great gift for me, and I married that boyfriend.”

Mr. Matthew N. Monson or “Coach Monson” is in his first year at the MCPS Middle School Campus
teaching Social Studies and Public Speaking while lending a hand coaching too. He received his B.S. Secondary Education (Social Science) from Auburn University, a B.A. in History from Auburn University, and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Administration from Auburn University at Montgomery.
His favorite lesson to teach depends on the class that he is teaching. He is currently teaching world history so his favorite lesson is the Medieval Era. He also enjoys teaching about the founding of America in American History, as well as, the Constitution and constitutional amendments in government/civics. 

Teaching is all that Mr. Monson has ever known or wanted to do. Both of his parents are teachers which gave him a unique view of teaching from an early age. He also “values the role our children play in the continued growth of our society and wants to help influence their decisions in a positive manner.” 

The most adventurous thing Mr. Monson has ever done above skipping school as a boy was staying on the beach during a hurricane in college when told to evacuate. The most exotic place that he has visited is Miami, Florida. He has a sister that lives and works in Miami. He explains, “What makes Miami exotic is the unique blend of culture, art, architecture, and music. My family and I visit her yearly, and we always enjoy discovering a new restaurant, museum, venue, or experiencing a new cultural experience.”

The most interesting person Mr. Monson has come across is his grandfather, Norman Rahn, Jr. He explains, “He has told me every one of his stories 100 times, but they don’t get old. He has a story for every situation and is quick with a joke. He has also shown me what it means to be a strong man of character.”

A few of Mr. Monson’s favorite things are…. Grace before meals because that means it is time to eat also, because he is teaching his son to say grace, and “it is a great thing to hold hands with the family and listen to him say the blessing”. His favorite cereal is Reese’s Puffs (but Mrs. Monson won’t let him buy it). His favorite song is the Auburn Fight Song because he loves his Auburn Tigers. His favorite band is Led Zeppelin and their song Over the Hills and Far Away. His most favorite Christmas present ever was his Nintendo 64 received when he was 13. The best game by far was James Bond Goldeneye.

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