MADD Multimedia Assembly Shows Delivers Alcohol Safety Messages to Students at Montgomery Catholic, January 23 at 2 p.m.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Alabama (MADD AL) is using MADD’s newest multimedia school assembly shows to help students understand the dangers of underage drinking. The three-screen assembly shows are 45-minute programs that will be shown to approximately 12,000 elementary, middle and high school students throughout Alabama and will be at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School on Wednesday, January 23rd at 2:00 p.m. in the Fr. Pat Delahunty Gymnasium.

“Game On” is a three-screen presentation for elementary schools. It takes students inside a video game where they learn how to keep themselves safe by sitting in the middle of the back seat when riding in a car, it stresses the importance of wearing a helmet when riding on wheels and always buckle their seatbelt. Young students also receive valuable information about alcohol’s effects on a growing brain and body. In addition, it talks about how to deal with bullies, tattletales and strangers. Game On features movies clips “Curious George” and “King Kong” as well as music kids can relate to and enjoy.

“Broadband” will target middle and high school students. Broadband is the 10th school assembly show in the MADD’s long line of award-winning shows and it takes a fresh, high-tech look at issues teens deal with every day:
Teen driving safety
Media and advertising influences
Law enforcement
Substance use

The show features popular movie clips, music videos and songs teens know. The host of the show, along with teen interviews, educates youth on the challenges and consequences of the decisions they face every day. It also features a poignant, tragic and true story of a deadly crash involving three underage drinkers.

The show also demonstrates to young drivers that just because they’re old enough to drive, it doesn’t mean they’re ready to drive. Teens are charged with the task of becoming more aware of the dangers associated with driving and encouraged to learn more before getting behind the wheel.

Broadband also dispels the myths teens have about police officers and encourages them to get involved in their community through MADD programs such as Youth In Action, Protecting You/Protecting Me, or Strides for Change.

“We are trying to reach out and educate teens in Alabama in a way that they will want to hear the safety message,” said Debra Fuller, MADD Alabama State Youth Coordinator.
“Broadband” gives teens permission to express concerns and pressures that inherently come with being a young adult. It encourages teens to pay attention to their surroundings, take advantage of the second chances life provides, resist the pressures of “fitting in” if it means using substances of any kind, and taking time to gain experience as new drivers,” states Mrs. Fuller.

“MADD Alabama is proud to have funding the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) sponsor the multimedia shows. Thanks to this funding, thousands of students will have the latest information about the developing brain, safe driving, the dangers of underage drinking and they will be able to recognize who is trying to influence the decisions they make,” said Peggy Batey, MADD Alabama State Executive Director.

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