Summer Math – consists solely of review lessons from Algebra 1. The grade for summer math will come from the TEST given in the first 5 days of school. This will also be the first test grade of Quarter 1. The assigned DeltaMath Summer Math work is meant to prepare you for that test. You should complete everything in each section.

ALL Geometry students, honors & non-honors, will take the TEST regardless of their registration date as this is material that reviews material from previous math courses.

Questions can be addressed to Mrs. Amy Thoms (

DeltaMath Work

NOTE: Students need to establish a DeltaMath account (it is free) using their MCPS email.

General Geometry [Geometry Class Code: UU8J-Z3AJ]

Honors Geometry [Honors Geometry Class Code: UF38-VE8P]

DeltaMath assignments will be viewable in their accounts.

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