David ’72 & Jeanne ’72 Barranco Named Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award Winners

David ’72 & Jeanne ’72 Barranco Named Charlie Harbin Distinguished Service Award Winners 1David and Jeanne Barranco are very dedicated and loyal supporters of Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School. Being products of our school themselves, their love and dedication to the school runs very deep and spans generations on both sides of their family. They and their four sons are alumni of Montgomery Catholic and their daughter, Laura, will graduate this spring.

Over the years, both David and Jeanne have been and still are active participants of all programs and festivities connected with MCPS. Jeanne has been on the Alumni Committee since its inception, always serving on various subcommittees and helping in all spots where she recognizes a need. Many hours she has spent sorting through the archived photographs and bringing order to the chronicles. David has spent as much time as Jeanne in the halls of CHS and on the football & baseball fields where he was an original member of the “Chain Gang.” Both of them have been the driving force behind the Annual Spring Dinner, auction, and countdown, heading up the ticket sales committee and manning the phones to get those last few tickets sold. Whether its through hosting after Prom breakfasts for the students, volunteering to compile the Nowadays Alumni Newsletter, helping out on school clean up days, organizing Homecoming receptions for alumni, or sponsoring athletic banners, David & Jeanne and their family business, Chappy’s Deli, can always be counted on as steadfast supporters of Montgomery Catholic.

There is likely no complete record of the many times both of them have served on various committees and functions connected with Montgomery Catholic, at individual times or together, to assist in pursuing the goals set by our school for the students and faculty. In fact, David and Jeanne have even decorated the tables, cooked, and served the meal to all recipients of this Distinguished Service Award, and their families, since 1999. They are always cheerful, eager, and enthusiastic in whatever task they are asked to do, or have volunteered before being asked to handle many problems. Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School is proud to honor David and Jeanne as the Harbin Distinguished Service Award recipients this year.

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