Crunches for Crunches!

Each semester, students at Montgomery Catholic’s Holy Spirit Campus are challenged to reach a physical education goal with a great incentive for motivation.  In March, Coach Ken Klinger challenged the students to complete 2,000 crunches by May 15 and if they did, the students would be treated to a Nestle “Crunch” bar party! Six students reached the goal with a collective 12,660 crunches completed in just two months! The top student was Emily Klinger, 5th grade, with 2,550 crunches; Cameryn Cool, 6th grade, with 2,050 crunches; Andrew Zumwalt, 1st grade, with 2,030 crunches; his sister Addie Zumwalt, 3rdgrade, also with 2,030 crunches; and a tie with 2,000 crunches were 4th graders Ivan Klemen and Max Barranco.  The students celebrated their hard work with Nestle Crunch Ice Cream bars in the gymnasium.
Crunches for Crunches! 1
Pictured above:  Montgomery Catholic’s Ken Klinger with the top crunch student at the Crunch Party on May 15.  Andrew Zumwalt, Addie Zumwalt, Max Barranco, Ivan Klemen, Emily Klinger, Cameryn Cool, and Coach Ken Klinger.
Crunches for Crunches! 2
Enjoying Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars are the top “crunchers” at Montgomery Catholic’s Holy Spirit Campus: (Row 1) Andrew Zumwalt, Max Barranco, Addie Zumwalt. (Row 2) Ivan Klemen, Cameryn Cool, and Emily Klinger with Coach Ken Klinger.
Submitted by: Mary Kelley

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