Accelerated Readers at St. Bede Ride in Style

Accelerated Readers at St. Bede Ride in Style 1Accelerated Reader is a tool that allows our students to read and then test on Accelerated Reader books. This program helps the teacher, student and parent steer the children to books that they can comfortable read and comprehend. It is most important that the student comprehends what they read. Students are to be at 85% accuracy or better.

At Montgomery Catholic’s St. Bede Campus, the top 2 students from each homeroom in first through sixth grade who were at 85% or above were automatically picked to ride in the AR limo. Those students are the following: Chas Allison, Katherine O’Conner, Scott Nation, Anna Sadie, Joseph Dwyer, Grace Leslie, Jacob Flowers, Patrick Wade, Anna Catherine Barranco, Emily Claire Talbot, Cameryn Brown, Christopher DeJesus, Annabel Starrett, Margaret Ann Allen, Madison Gaston, Tori Barranco, Lucy Waite, Ivy Bach, Adam Bristol, Anna Marie Koerner, Kaci Philpot, Abaigeal Gilbert, Steven Higgins, Brendan Benning, Mary Reagan Starrett, Paige Barranco, Mary Janet McLaughlin, and Ashley Sulzby.
For each quarter students met the 85% accuracy and met their reading goal, their name was added to a “Wild Card” drawing. There were 12 “wild card” winners selected, they are the following: Tanner Carter, Annie Bach, Thomas McLaughlin, Sarah Rose Burden, Katie Fisher, Brianna Chevez, Mary Katherine Brunson, Marcelo Vilena, Ashley Karst, Mandy Jones, Trey Magdon, and Gabe Keating.

Thanks go to the generous donation from the St. Bede Parent Teacher Council that helped in providing money for the limo and prizes throughout the school year. Not only were the students driven around in style in a Hummer Limo from Touch of Class, but they also were treated to a Chappy’s sandwich, chips, soft drinks and dessert. All the students had a blast! Many students upon exiting the limo, commented, “That was so cool!” Next year, plans are to include even more “wild card” winners. So get reading!!!!!

Accelerated Readers at St. Bede Ride in Style 2

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