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9th Grade English

Types of Literature/Composition (9l0)
HN Types of Literature/Composition (911)

Novels will be used in this class and families can purchase them as needed. 

9th Grade History 

9th Grade Textbook List 1
World History (920)

Title: World History and Geography: Modern Times
ISBN: 0-07-664738-2
Author: Spielvogel, Jackson J.

9th Grade Math

Freshmen will take 1 of the courses below. Refer to your Graduation Plan.

9th Grade Textbook List 2
Algebra I (930)

Title: Intermediate Algebra (OER) 
ISBN: Open Stax 
Author: Marecek, Lynn

*This book is also used for 8th grade Honors Algebra I


9th Grade Textbook List 3

Honors Geometry (931)

Title: Geometry 
ISBN: 0-395-97727-4 
Author: Jurgensen, Ray C.

9th Grade Science

9th Grade Textbook List 4
Biology (940) OR HN Biology (941)

Both classes use the same textbook.

Title: Biology
ISBN: 0-07-894586-0
Author: Biggs, Alton / Hagins, Whitney C.

9th Grade Theology

All Freshmen take Trinity in Semester 1 and Revelation in Semester 2.

9th Grade Textbook List 5
Revelation (950)

Title: Faith and Revelation: Knowing God
Author: Scott Hahn

This book is technically out of print so there is no ISBN #. They are available for purchase in the MBS store. Be sure to purchase the 2009 edition. 

9th Grade Textbook List 6
Trinity (951)

Title: Blessed Trinity and Our Christian Vocation
ISBN: 1-936045-04-4
Author: James Socias

9th Grade Textbook List 7
Holy Bible- NABRE

Title: Holy Bible
ISBN: 1-55665-491-X

This Bible is used in all Theology classes in 9th-12th grade.

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