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12th Grade English

World Literature/Composition (12l0)

AP Literature/Composition (1211)

Novels will be used in this class and families can purchase them as needed.

12th Grade History

All Seniors take Government in Semester 1 and Economics in Semester 2. Both of these books are ebooks.

12th Grade Textbook List 1

Government (1220)

Title: Magruders American Government – Online Access
ISBN: 0-13-332829-5
Author: Shea

12th Grade Textbook List 2

Economics (1221)

Title: Economics: Principles in Action – Access
ISBN: 0-13-316827-1
Author: O’Sullivan

12th Grade Math

Seniors will take 1 of the courses below. Refer to your Graduation Plan.

12th Grade Textbook List 3

Developmental Algebra (1230)

Title: College Algebra (OER) 
ISBN: Open Stax 
Author: Abramson, Jay


12th Grade Textbook List 4

Pre-Calculus (1231)

Title: Algebra and Trigonometry (OER)
ISBN: 1-938168-37-2
Author: Abramson, Jay

 This book is also used for 11th grade Algebra II.


12th Grade Textbook List 5

Honors Statistics (1232)

Title: Practice of Statistics for the AP Examination
ISBN: 1-4641-0873-0
Author: Starnes, Daren S. / Tabor, Josh / Yates / Moore


12th Grade Textbook List 6

AP Calculus(1233)

Title: Calculus: Early Transcendentals for AP
ISBN: 1-4292-5074-7
Author: Rogawski, Jon

12th Grade Science

12th Grade Textbook List 7

Anatomy (1240)

Title: Structure and Function of the Body (HS)
ISBN: 0-323-35725-3
Author: Thibodeau, Gary A.


12th Grade Textbook List 8

Honors Physics 2 (1241)

Title: College Physics for AP Courses (OER)
ISBN: 1-938168-93-3
Author: OpenStax College

This book is also used for 11th grade Honors Physics 1.

12th Grade Theology

All Freshmen take Social Ethics in Semester 1 and Christian Identity in Semester 2.

12th Grade Textbook List 9

Social Ethics (1250)

Title: Our Moral Life in Christ, Semester Edition
Author: Armenio, Peter V.

 This book is also used for 11th-grade Theology.

12th Grade Textbook List 10

Christian Identity (1251)

Title: Reasons to Believe
ISBN: 0-385-50935-9
Author: Hahn, Scott

12th Grade Textbook List 11

Holy Bible- NABRE

Title: Holy Bible
ISBN: 1-55665-491-X

This Bible is used in all Theology classes in 9th-12th grade.

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